Web Design For SMBs

We have put together a powerful process to create a website, meant to enhance your web presence across different platforms. Our web design services are part science, part art and 100%  effective in delivering the best possible experience to your clients.

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WordPress Website Design

When it comes to responsive web design, WordPress is the top content management system.

WordPress is open source, meaning that everyone is able to use and modify it. It has tens of thousands free and paid plugin. This means that website development prices on WordPress are significantly lower than what they used to be in the past.

However, open source does not mean low end. WordPress websites are used by businesses, universities and even government branches all over the world. Using paid (or premium) themes and plugins for features that matters most gives you access to high quality code that is generally supported by its developers.

WordPress market share is continuously growing. In 2018, 31% of all websites are powered by it. When it comes to content management systems, it dominates that market, powering 59.9% of the websites.

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How To Design A Website

Just like a photographer that uses a mix of lighting, perspective, emotion and technology, a web designer’s job is a lot more than just stitching together a few visual elements.

Ideally, professional website design incorporates the following elements (and more):

  • a bit of graphic design, to make sure the images on your website are relevant, customized and fast loading.
  • efficient copywriting that makes the most boring topic exciting for your customers.
  • SEO keyword research and a good SEO foundation that ensures that your newly designed website will line up with what your customers are searching for online.
  • social proof elements such as a call to action, testimonials and reviews.
  • clear information about your business, your services AND how they help your customer.
  • a touch of art to put them all together a part of the web design process.

That is why a web designer has to wear many hats or to outsource part of the process. Outsourcing part of the web design process comes with its own challenges and sometimes increased cost to the small business owner.



A successful web design project has a lot of planning behind it.


We set up goals that we want the website to accomplish. Then, when the website is completed, we audit it to ensure that we have accomplished all of them.


We make your website mobile responsive with design meant to increase your conversion rate and bring in more leads.


SEO Friendly

A SEO friendly website means that it has the foundation necessary to start optimization work. That foundation is made by a lot of elements and specific improvements, such as:

  • fast loading website
  • structured data
  • meta data
  • ready for your content marketing campaigns
  • healthy and logical website structure



Mobile Responsive

A mobile responsive website will load beautifully on any kind of device. That is accomplished by resizing certain website sections and individual elements to fit the size of the device it's being viewed on.

Why it is important?

Globally, 52.2% of the website traffic was generated by mobile devices. In 2018, Google has started switching websites to a mobile first index. 

That means that there are more visits now from smartphones than there are from desktop computers. It also means that a mobile friendly website has a better chance of ranking on Google.

Conversion Focused

Our webs design work is conversion focused. That means that we put in overtime to make sure that your website has a higher chance of converting a visitor into a lead. 

A few examples of how we do that are:

  • by using a lead magnet
  • by using social proof
  • by using and tracking forms and calls
  • by making sure the website loads fast (yes, slow loading websites are conversion killers)

Web Design FAQ

What can I expect after a website is completed?

First, you should take a look at it and make sure that it meets your requirements and that it answers your customer's most common questions. 

Secondly, it takes a while to get over the Google Sandbox effect. It is the period that Google takes to start trusting new websites. That can take several months or even an year.

Even after the Sand box effect is gone, you might need to put in a little bit more effort into creating content and backlinks for your website. 

Your website's rank on Google varies greatly based on hundreds of factors and depending on the competitiveness of your market in the area where you operate

You can speed up the process by investing in SEO. You can also run paid ads as those have an indirect positive impact on your organic rankings and also produce a lot of valuable leads of their own.

Do not worry, your new website comes with other benefits as well. 

How to determine if you need a website or not.

Is there anything that I can do to help?

Yes there is. 

As the business owner or manager, you know more about your  industry and your customers than most other people. 

After retaining our services, you will be provided with a checklist for the items you need to provide (if available). Some examples are:

  • account access for email, Google, etc
  • social media links
  • pictures and content for the website, if you have any

This information will be kept in a private storage area accessible only by your employees and ours.

Which Content Management Systems Do You Work With?

We design mainly in WordPress. 

We also work with custom requests for websites designed for:

  • Bigcommerce
  • Prestashop
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Weebly

As the content management systems evolve constantly, so do our services. Please let us know via contact form if you have a custom request.

Finally, after painstakingly giving away sizable discounts, free services and extra work just to keep...