What Is PPC

PPC or pay per click is a form of online marketing where advertisers pay a certain amount of money each time their ad is clicked. 

PPC is an effective strategy to buy relevant traffic to your website. It works really well for commercial intent keywords. Those are keywords that have an obvious buying intent, such as hire a traffic lawyer near me or buy pool cleaning supplies.

Pay Per Click Advertising For Contractors & SMBs

In theory, pay per click advertising is an attractive model. You put in an amount of money, bring interested visitors to your website or web property and convert them into paying customers. The initial investment brings a very decent profit and everyone is happy.

In reality, PPC campaigns are hard to manage:

  • you have to know which keywords to target
  • you need to create a logical account structure
  • you need to use advanced targeting and exclusion options
  • you have to monitor campaigns that have hundreds or thousands of keywords
  • you need to design relevant landing pages
  • you have to track the results really well
  • based on the data acquired, you need to take campaign optimization decisions



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Hiring a PPC agency will help you go through all the steps above and increase your ROI (vs doing it by yourself). Hiring a good PPC agency will also help you fight PPC fraud, so you can spend more on relevant clicks.

Google Ads & Bing Ads PPC

Two of the most popular pay per click platforms are Google Ads (formerly Adwords) and Bing Ads.

Google Ads is by far the biggest one, but Bing Ads is also a good choice and might even bring a higher ROI in certain industries.

If you are a new advertiser, we can help you get coupons for both Google Ads and Bing Ads.


Account Creation

We create sharp PPC account structures by using SKAGs (single keyword ad groups) and highly relevant ads that will boost your CTR (click through rate).


We track the results with the help of specialized software that tracks phone calls and form submissions on your website.


We reduce wasted spend by using fraud monitoring, by using laser focused targeting and exclusions and by increasing your campaigns' performance.


Increased Website Traffic

PPC is the fastest way to increase your website traffic with relevant visits.

More Leads

Pay per click brings you more leads that you can use to:

  • get more business
  • generate positive reviews
  • test out your products and services
Brand Awareness

By using pay per click advertising, you can increase brand awareness. 

PPC is not an organic ranking factor. Paying for ads will not get you Google's favor and bring you more organic traffic.

However, there is an indirect impact that PPC definitely has on organic rankings. Let's say that someone sees your roofer's ad on Google today and remember your company's name. The next step is that the search on Google for your company name to take a look at your reviews, company information, special offers, etc. Google sees that as increased interested in your company by people searching for roofing services and starts giving you a boost to your organic rankings.

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